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International Travel and Healthcare
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About Us
International Travel and Healthcare is focused on providing excellence within the Travel Insurance industry.

We carefully select our Insurers and Underwriting facilities, to work in collaboration to provide unique travel insurance schemes and to ensure that our travel insurance products are innovative, comprehensively underwritten and of excellent pedigree in order to meet the needs of both leisure and business travellers. Supporting all of our schemes are leading emergency assistance and claims companies who also know how very important service quality is.

Our goal is to identify and exceed the evolving needs of leisure and business travellers and to deliver to our agents and brokers increased profitability. growth in market share and we. Offering incremental services as an outsourced facility International Travel and Healthcare will grow your business for you, without you needing to increase your overheads.

International Travel and Healthcare understand the issues facing today's' financial services companies when trying to drive business forward efficiently. We also appreciate the importance of having exactly the right products available with proven leading technologies to support and meet your client's needs.

We welcome approach from all authorised and regulated insurance brokers and we offer you a wide range of both insurance products and additional support solutions tailored to meet your needs.

For mature travellers and those with extensive pre-existing medical conditions, we have a wide range of travel insurance solutions. Our expertise includes: Providing Master Policies for Tour Operators to enable their clients to be comprehensively insured within the cost of their Tour. Comprehensive cover for high value, long duration cruises

To offer this audience specialist comprehensive covers that meet their needs and provide total peace of mind.

If you are a UK Insurance Broker or Financial Adviser then this site is for you.

If you would like a quote or to buy insurance for yourself; please visit our consumer website

International Travel and Healthcare Limited were established in 2005 and now form part of a group of companies all focused on insurance and the provision of insurance services. Travel Insurance is at the core of our group operations and International Travel and Healthcare have extended this in recent years to also include other classes of business. With Passporting Rights and our ability to undertake commercial and non-commercial business, we are rapidly expanding to offer our products and services to a broad audience in the UK and overseas.

Our unique broker system facilitates access to our own operating system " ITHCOS" which our registered brokers access securely to conduct and manage their business, in a secure, simple, efficient and compliant environment. With this comes our full range of innovative insurance schemes, our depth of knowledge and our total support and commitment to our brokers and their clients.

Our operational centre in Orpington, Kent is our registered office and also "home" to our team of knowledgeable and highly trained insurance administrators.

International Travel and Healthcare is proud to be a member of BIBA - the British Insurance Brokers Association.

International Travel and Healthcare is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority with Firm Reference Number 433367.
About Us - Medical Screening Services
International Medical Screening is a trading style of International Travel and Healthcare. Our team of highly trained screening professionals have been delivering a professional service to Travel Underwriters and Insurers for in excess of 12 years.

We offer a guaranteed quality of medical screening services; which are cost efficient, proactive and flexible to any Underwriter's requirements, to provide medical underwriting for a wide range of travel and life insurance schemes, both for 'special risks' and domestic travel insurances.

Our objective is to ensure that excellent medical risk management processes commence at policy inception.

Our unique screening system carries a comprehensive library of medications and medical conditions, that are constantly updated to ensure accuracy and keep our experienced team of dedicated medical screening assessors up to date and able to accurately pinpoint risk. Consistency in risk assessment relies on robust procedure and highly trained and closely supervised staff that efficiently identify the fullest range of risks when advanced medical screening measures are needed. We question until satisfied that we have a clear medical picture.

When presented with a complex list of medications and medical conditions, our thorough approach and understanding of the impact of these conditions, relevant to the proposed travel to be undertaken, or the activities planned presents, allow us to apply pre-determined decisions and generate premium reflective of the risk in question. Capturing the medication detail gives us a clear indication of what condition(s) a customer has, how severe it is and whether it is well controlled and stable.

If our screening staff do identify something different, untoward, unusual as a result of our questions - we address and assess it accordingly - rather than ignore it because it doesn't fall into an automated question process.

Having provided a medical assessment, International Medical Screening will issue documentation confirming the terms under which the cover has been extended, thereby ensuring that both the insured and insurer are confident that the policy provides appropriate cover.

Our service are available for Travel and Life Underwriters and our screening platform can be operated as a telephone or integrated online screening process. We invite interested parties to make contact with us for further discussion of individual requirements.

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International Travel and Healthcare Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Our Firm Reference Number is 433367.