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The right policy for winter cruisers
Our specialist Cruise Insurance ticks all the boxes
Posted on 2. November, 2014

Lots of retired people like to escape the cold of winter by taking a long cruise in warmer climes, and we have just the policy for their very specific needs.

Many winter cruises are epic voyages lasting weeks or even months, so we have tailored our policy accordingly with a remarkable 183 days maximum duration.


Because people who take cruises tend to be from the older generation, we have also ensured that our policy can cover anyone up to the age of 99. Naturally, pre-existing medical conditions are included, subject to screening acceptance. And we have also taken account of the way cruise holidays work by providing cancellation cover for the full invoice value. Clients will welcome the fact that this extends cancellation cover to the whole holiday cost, including flights, hotels and excursions as well as the actual cruise.


While talking about cruises with your clients, here are a few more points they'll be interested to hear about:


•Over the counter medicines are expensive on board ship, so pack a medicine chest with plenty of everyday medications for colds, stomach upsets etc.


•Consulting an on-board doctor can cost £300 or more, so take enough prescription medicines for the whole journey.


•Double check that you have declared all pre-existing medical conditions, or your travel insurance will not be valid.


•If you haven't already got an EHIC card, get one. They are free from the NHS Choices website, so if you find a site that asks for payment, move on.  


•Another wise precaution is to buy and use a money belt, especially for onshore excursions. Pickpockets and muggers spring into action when a cruise ship arrives in their town. In fact it's wise not to take too many valuables on a cruise, and make sure everything you do take is covered by your home contents insurance. 


•Speaking of your home, let your insurer know that you're going to be away and when you'll return. Some policies are not valid if the home is unoccupied.



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